Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feeling better now.

I was feeling especially pitiful this morning. After a trip out, a shower, and my medicine, I am feeling better. I know what you're thinking. A trip out and then a shower? Well, yeah. I didn't want to get all clean then go out in the dirty world. I'm the type to take a shower when I get home from work instead of in the morning before I leave. The outside is dirty. Not scary dirty, but dirty. Anyway, I'm feeling alright now.

So today at Target, I saw a group of four sisters and a mom. I knew they were sisters because they all looked exactly alike. They even had similar clothes on, tall brown leather boots of different designs with blues jeans and winter coats.You could've told them apart and everything, but it was just obvious they were sisters. I found that I could almost feel the bond between them. It's not like they acknowledged this. I could just tell.  My children are very close in age and I can only hope that they exude that type of aura when they get to the age of these four sisters. Of course, I only have two. And that ALL I want, you hear me? I just know I want to instill in them that feeling of it being us against the world. You know?

On top of all that, Target was really working with a sister's budget today. Christmas shopping, done. Didn't get everyone I wanted to a gift, but I tried. I am satisfied with what I've done. I do need to get one more ten dollar gift, secret Santa. But the kids, my parents and in-laws are taken care of. That's what's important. Well I'm done for now. Perhaps something more enlightening later, perhaps not.